About Quinte Aikikai

Quinte Aikikai is a non-profit dojo deicated to the practice of Aikikai Aikido.

We are affiliated with the Ontario Aikido Federation and Canadian Aikido Federation.

Quinte Aikikai was founded in 2001 by Sensei Nick Petrescu.

Sensei Nick Petrescu, Sandan (3rd degree black belt). He has trained in Aikido for more than 27 years. His black belt examinations were conducted by two of the world’s leading Shihan (master instructors), Yamada Yoshimitsu Shihan, (Chairman of the Board of the United States Aikido Federation and the Latin America Aikido Federation) and Kawahara Yukio Shihan (Formerly the Technical Director of the Canadian Aikido Federation). Nick is an active CAF and OAF member and a registered Yudansha of the Hombu Aikikai in Japan.

Nick has trained with Yumi Nakamura and Jim Barnes for over 21 years and is under their guidance promoting the Traditional Aikido with special attention towards the safety of the practitioners.

Through Nick’s dedication and perseverance Quinte Aikikai has flourished and graduated several students to Shodan. Nick has since moved to Ottawa and now practices at Kanata Aikikai. Nick’s students have assumed the teaching responsibilities at Quinte Aikikai.